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Startup Unicorns

Games, Print


Cloud, Microservices, Mobile, Voice


Code, UI

MBTA mTicket

Mobile, UI

Cloud and Web Apps

SEEK Role Requirements

Cloud, Microservices, Web Applications

Markit Commission Manager

Web Applications

Markit Environmental Registry

UI, Web Applications

Value Trader

Web Applications, Websites

Pepsi Project Refresh

Branding, UI, Web Applications

Imperial College Service Desk

Web Applications

Mobile & IoT

DarklyLabs LaserWeb

Desktop Application, IoT, UI

Tasmanian Convict Finder



Asynchronous Neural Networks in JavaScript

March 6, 2018

For the past few months I’ve been trying to get some of my robots to roam around the house with a mind of their own, learning as they go. It turns out that the task is harder than I thought. The main issue is paralell signal processing. To illustrate: a single robot will have usually […]

Immutability in JavaScript, A Contrarian View

April 13, 2017

TL/DR: Immutability is more a fashion trend than a necessity in JavaScript. If you are using React it does provide a neat work-around to some confusing design choices in state management. However in most other situations it wont add enough value over the complexity it introduces, serving more to pad up a resume than to fulfill an actual client […]

How to Build a Cross-Platform Metal Detector App

October 22, 2015

Did you know that your smartphone has an in-built magnetometer to power its compass? The earth’s magnetic field is big but not particularly strong, and that means that the magnetometer in your phone is sensitive enough to detect small ferrous metal objects such as a coin, a large nail or a piece of cutlery which […]

25 Techniques for Javascript Performance Optimization

February 21, 2012

These are some the techniques I use for enhancing the performance of JavaScript, they have mostly been collected over various years of experience using the language for improved responsiveness of websites and web applications.

Object-Oriented JavaScript Inheritance

September 29, 2011

This is simple but crucial stuff in JavaScript. Its easy to forget how to do object-oriented inheritance from scratch when you are dealing with several JS frameworks and each of them has pre-built methods that support this functionality in a slightly different way.

How to obtain SOAP Request body in C# Web Services

May 21, 2011

Microsoft left something out when designing web services, fortunately there is a nifty way to obtain the original SOAP request within a C# web service.


Environmental Defenders Office


AutoTrader UK

Code, UI, Websites

XXXX Island Competition

Competitions, Websites

Dan Murphys Lucky 8

Competitions, UI, Websites

Victory Motorcycle Competition

Competitions, Mobile, Websites


CMS, Websites

Other Works

Segresco Cards

Graphic Design, Print

Aboda PR


HTML5 Databases on iPhone

Code, Mobile

Face Drawings


WP Simple SpamCheck

CMS, Code

Species Finder Tasmania

CMS, Websites


CMS, Websites

3G Photography

Graphic Design, Websites

Athena’s on the Pier

Graphic Design, Websites

Imperial College PC Shop

Web Applications

WordPress Compression Plugin

CMS, Code

ESPA Online Checkout

CMS, E-Commerce


E-Commerce, Websites

Nandos’ Intranet

CMS, Intranet

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