desalasworks presents:

a selection of works by steven de salas

Environmental Defenders Office

This project was a custom WordPress Template build for the Tasmanian Environmental Defenders Office.


The project included responsive support for Tablet and Mobile devices at various resolutions:


The website went live in late November 2013, just in time to help the Environmental Defenders Office establish its online presence before the government removed funding for the EDO network.

AutoTrader UK

This was a role working on Interface Development for Trader Media’s online marketplace with over 1 billion page impressions per month.


I mainly focused on creating rich interfaces and user journeys with Event-driven and Object-Oriented JavaScript, DOM, HTML5, jQuery, AJAX, JSON and Backbone.js MVC framework continuously tested with Jasmine/Rhino.


Our team used Agile development approach with Continuous Integration (CI), pair-programming and short development cycles based on Thoughtworks Extreme Programming (XP) model for Java/JUnit TDD projects.


XXXX Island Competition

The XXXX Island competition was a Facebook Competition run by Dan Murphy’s.

This was produced in conjunction with RedJelly, an advertising agency based in Tasmania.



The competition had to be available on both Desktop and Mobile formats.


National Advertising: Dealing with High Volumes

Due to the high volume of competition entrants the competition was hosted with Heroku, which allowed provisioning of additional servers to handle surges in traffic following advertising.


The competition was highly successful, receiving more than 10,000 entries.

Dan Murphys Lucky 8

This Facebook competition was run on Chinese New Year 2013, it was designed by RedJelly and hosted by me using Heroku.


The competition uses the entrant’s date of birth to show their Chinese horoscope before entering the competition:


It included access to the Facebook API for authentication and to obtain email and date of birth information from competition entrants.


Victory Motorcycle Competition

This was a design of a mobile-friendly competition for BWS and Victory Motorcycles. The competition was hosted by RedJelly and ran over a period of 30 days.


Value Trader

Value Trader is a tool that calculates stock prices based on value fundamentals from Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss statements. Feel free to use it to determine the financial health and estimated value of your stocks.

Live Address


The Landing Page

The landing page provides concise information on a few selected companies based on a “Watchlist”. These are chosen by investors so that they feature every time they come and visit.

Company Details Page

When drilling down into an individual company. The system provides information by looking at financial data over the past few years to determine general health of the company, as well as provide recommendations based on price (by comparing it to the book value and earnings of the company).

Designed for iPhone

The design has been further enhanced to look good on mobile devices, using a mix of small and large type so the important information is clearly displayed even on a small screen.

IP Based Security

The website makes use of IP addresses to authenticate users. The following advantages:

  • Only need to authenticate once (per location).
  • User locations are traced by a collection of IP addresses associated to an email.
  • There are measures in place to detect SQL Injection, Denial of Service and Dictionary Attacks. If a single location tries to hack the site all associated IP addresses are automatically denied access.


A company brochure website template built on a bespoke ASP.NET content management system: VisualSite CMS which I have built and continue to maintain for a small client base.

Designing the Front Page Template

  • Black/Yellow design following client branding
  • Construction “Blueprint” features indicating nature of the website
  • Simple and striking looks.

Segresco.com Main Page

Designing the Sub-Page template

  • Sub-menu uses the yellow band directly below 1st level
  • Notice the “VisualSite CMS” button used to log into admin area

Segresco Subpage

In-Context Editing

  • Apply in-context editing for changing content directly on the page
  • Notice “Administration” area and “Log out” button to revert to normal format

Segresco - In Context Editing

Managing Image Library

  • Image Uploads and File Management
  • Integration into rich HTML editor tool

SEGRESCO Image Library

Species Finder Tasmania

University of Tasmania professor Peter McQuillan and former student Javier de Salas came up with an idea to enable the public to contribute to the worthy cause of cataloguing Tasmania’s fantastic biodiversity.

This is an example of how a simple wordpress site can turn a big idea into workable website.

Species finder helps the public catalog new species

The site enables anybody in the public to ‘Upload’ any photos they have taken of potential new species, where a few selected ‘Specialists’ can review them. Once a new species, or example or a rare species has been found, it is catalogued and added the site including the location where the particular specimen was found.

Rare species can be catalogued by specialists and located on a map for future reference.

If you would like to contribute to this worthy cause please follow this link for instructions.


The 6th incarnation of my travel blog. This time using a template over a bespoke Content Management System (VisualSite CMS) that I wrote myself using ASP.NET C# and CSS / Javascript.

Designing the Front Page Template

  • Blue/White “Where in the World is Steven de Salas?” design borrowed and enhanced from previous offering.
  • Accessible CSS Menu Navigation
  • XHTML and W3C standards compliant
  • Featuring new Search Box and RSS subscription

Sdesalas.com CMS Template

Designing the Sub-Page Template

  • Mostly based on Home page with a few exceptions
  • Page heading as white on dark blue.
  • Two-stage menu layout, featuring top level and side-level menus


Designing the Search Results Page Template

  • Search result listing using CSS and W3C standards
  • Support for Pagination (Page 1, 2, 3 etc).

SDESALAS Search Results

Menu Administration

  • Using Drag-and-Drop tree interface for easy menu changes.
  • Support hidden pages and redirects


Athena’s on the Pier

Simple promotional website for a Hobart restaurant.

The Landing Page

Athena Site Main Page