desalasworks presents:

a selection of works by steven de salas

XXXX Island Competition

The XXXX Island competition was a Facebook Competition run by Dan Murphy’s.

This was produced in conjunction with RedJelly, an advertising agency based in Tasmania.



The competition had to be available on both Desktop and Mobile formats.


National Advertising: Dealing with High Volumes

Due to the high volume of competition entrants the competition was hosted with Heroku, which allowed provisioning of additional servers to handle surges in traffic following advertising.


The competition was highly successful, receiving more than 10,000 entries.

Dan Murphys Lucky 8

This Facebook competition was run on Chinese New Year 2013, it was designed by RedJelly and hosted by me using Heroku.


The competition uses the entrant’s date of birth to show their Chinese horoscope before entering the competition:


It included access to the Facebook API for authentication and to obtain email and date of birth information from competition entrants.


Victory Motorcycle Competition

This was a design of a mobile-friendly competition for BWS and Victory Motorcycles. The competition was hosted by RedJelly and ran over a period of 30 days.