desalasworks presents:

a selection of works by steven de salas


Building smart cities by connecting vehicles with their environment.

Pivotal Role

Steven had a pivotal role designing and building the core platform infrastructure for this startup in the urban mobility space. Maximizing IT resource use and speed-to-market with low-cost, stable, high-performance infrastructure.

Backend Architecture & Integration

Integration with multiple third-party parking provider services, allowing real-time price and availability checks, bookings and automated parking notifications.

The skills used were: Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services, Build Automation, JavaScript, Node.js, API Development, MongoDB, DevOps, Docker, ECS, Gitlab, Security/Cryptography, Bash/Unix scripting, MQTT, Nginx, PCI Payment Processing (Paycomet TPV) and Test Automation.

Web & Mobile Hybrid App

Development and enhancements to a Vue.js (Nuxt) web app doubling up as a hybrid web-view app for iOS and Android platforms, allowing clients to carry their parking experience anywhere inside their pocket.

Voice Assistant Integration

Steven worked on integrating the Alexa Skill that allows users to search and book whilst driving their car.

This included providing all necessary backend APIs and authentication/user flows as well as the technology platform capable of live multi-provider search and bookings, including live monitoring.

Payment Processing

Steven also integrated the customer Credit Card capture and payment processing flows for both bookings and automated parkings.

SEEK Role Requirements

Full Stack JavaScript contract role working on SEEK User Interfaces and AWS hosted API’s.

Steven joined the ‘Role Requirements’ team to help deliver great candidate matching. Millions of job applications are now getting scored and ranked for role suitability every year, resulting in significant time savings to users of the SEEK platform.

The majority of the work involved various enhancements to the back-end capability in the form of AWS-hosted micro-service APIs, and some user interface updates to accommodate improvements to job-seeker and hirer experiences.

Working in a Continuosly Deployed, Agile environment with Node.Js, Angular, Knockout, Jasmine, Karma, Gulp, TeamCity, LESS, Microservices / APIs, PACT, Swagger, Golang, DynamoDB, C#, SQL Server, Docker, Serverless, SNS/SQS, Lambdas, AWS DevOps.