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Species Finder Tasmania

University of Tasmania professor Peter McQuillan and former student Javier de Salas came up with an idea to enable the public to contribute to the worthy cause of cataloguing Tasmania’s fantastic biodiversity.

This is an example of how a simple wordpress site can turn a big idea into workable website.

Species finder helps the public catalog new species

The site enables anybody in the public to ‘Upload’ any photos they have taken of potential new species, where a few selected ‘Specialists’ can review them. Once a new species, or example or a rare species has been found, it is catalogued and added the site including the location where the particular specimen was found.

Rare species can be catalogued by specialists and located on a map for future reference.

If you would like to contribute to this worthy cause please follow this link for instructions.



  1. Nikodem Lacki says:

    Steven, I Javier your brother?

  2. steven says:

    Yea man. He’s a hippie version of me.

  3. A Visitor says:

    03 Mar 2012 20:50:11 – I Like This!