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Startup Unicorns

Kickstarter campaign. 2-6 player competitive card game for people of all ages.

What is Startup Unicorns?

START-UP UNICORNS is a competitive 2-6 player CARD GAME aimed at players OF ALL AGES that aims to recreate the EXCITEMENT of turning an awesome idea into a successful startup.

You will be competing with your friends to FIND INVESTORS, BUILD A TEAM, and SABOTAGE EACH OTHER to be the first person turn their startup into a MILLION DOLLAR business!

Each game one takes around 20-30 MINUTES depending on the number of players. They are FAST and FUN. You’ll be wanting to COME BACK FOR MORE!

Package Contents

The basic game comes as a SET OF 108 CARDS and INSTRUCTIONS 

  • 1 x Set of INSTRUCTIONS (English & Spanish)
  • 12 x “COMPANY” cards
  • 24 x “TECH” cards
  • 16 x “MARKETING” cards
  • 16 x “PRODUCT” cards
  • 12 x “INVESTOR” cards
  • 10 x “ADVANTAGE” cards
  • 10 x “SABOTAGE” cards
  • 6 x “QUICK GUIDE” cards




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