desalasworks presents:

a selection of works by steven de salas

DarklyLabs LaserWeb

Steven was a one-man team building on top of open source “LaserWeb” software, automating and simplifying complex user flows to bring laser cutting to the beginner user.

This project involved full SDLC, building a simple and easy-to-use JavaScript wizard interface for the Emblaser2 laser cutter & engraver, which went from design to delivery in 6 weeks.

A challenging and very enjoyable project using NodeJS, JavaScript (ES6), Electron (Win/OSX Desktop app), Embedded, Computer Numerical Control (CNC/GCODE), WebWorkers, USB serialport, Github, CI / build automation (Travis, Appveyor), CSS, DOM Events, Webpack, React, Redux, Socket IO, WebGL 3D.



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