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Nandos’ Intranet

A central point of contact for all Nandos’ stores. From the central login page each user has a set of applications which they can launch automatically by just clicking on the icon.

Designing the Front Page Layout

  • 3-Column template using highly-colourful branding as per Nandos’ image.
  • Content is based on user profile with 3 types of users: Store Login, Area Manager Login, IT Login
  • Icon-Based navigation used for launching applications.
  • “Pass-though” authentication, user login parameters are forwarded to each application using HTTP POST
  • Login information and Noticeboard.

Nandos Intranet Point of Entry

Designing Application Layout for a Store

  • Sample screen for a Nandos Store Login
  • Menu contains customised options
  • Key item is “End Of Day” button that stands sepparate from the rest

Nandos Store Login

Putting it all together with a Content Management System

  • Site integrated into ActiveWeb CMS writte in ASP.NET
  • ASP.NET C# and XML/XSLT based templates to provide flexibility
  • CMS can add new application for users to launch as needed.



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