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Barclays PEDM Application

PEDM is a commercial application for internal-use of Barclays Private Equity.

This AJAX-based web application is used daily to track information about ongoing and historical deals.

Functional Enhancements to Barclays “Private Equity Deal Manager” application

PEDM version 4.0 release included functional enhancements to support entering post-deal lifecycle investment data including ownership breakdown by legal entity, financial instrument detail and historical transactions.

This release also included some advanced features such as reporting of investment snapshots, portfolio analysis (rate of return calculations) and auditing and version snapshots with roll-back capabilities.

The new ‘Investments’ section developed for Barclays Private Equity Deal manager v 4.0.

The new 4.0 version of Private Equity Deal Manager includes capabilities for adding post-deal Investment information and collating this information for managing a portfolio of Private Equity assets.

Barclays Private Equity

Template design and implementation of Vignette CMS (Content Management System) for Barclays Private Equity, a well known UK and European Private Equity firm.

Designing the Front Page Template

  • Light-Blue page designed based on Parent Company – Barclays PLC.
  • Rounded borders implemented in CSS
  • Highly accessible Menu and Search function using CSS and W3C standards.
  • No HTML tables.
  • News / Award boxes implemented as Vignette “content types”
  • Uses JSP-based component model and Java framework.

BPE Main Page

Designing the Sub-Page Template

  • Mostly based on the home-page with few modifications
  • Menu implementation using a faded version of Barclays Blue
  • Collapsable Right-Hand Box model.

BPE Subpage

Designing Specific-Area Templates

  • Mostly based on the home-page
  • Tabular format based on available data
  • Using CSS and W3C Accessible specifications

BPE Deals

Workflow Implementation

  • Create content approval workflows in Visio
  • Export into XML format
  • Import into Vignette platform

BPE Workflow

All Together Now

  • Implementation on Vignette 7 CMS Platform
  • Proprietary Java framework
  • JSP, XSLT template component model

BPE Vignette CMS