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a selection of works by steven de salas

Barclays Private Equity

Template design and implementation of Vignette CMS (Content Management System) for Barclays Private Equity, a well known UK and European Private Equity firm.

Designing the Front Page Template

  • Light-Blue page designed based on Parent Company – Barclays PLC.
  • Rounded borders implemented in CSS
  • Highly accessible Menu and Search function using CSS and W3C standards.
  • No HTML tables.
  • News / Award boxes implemented as Vignette “content types”
  • Uses JSP-based component model and Java framework.

BPE Main Page

Designing the Sub-Page Template

  • Mostly based on the home-page with few modifications
  • Menu implementation using a faded version of Barclays Blue
  • Collapsable Right-Hand Box model.

BPE Subpage

Designing Specific-Area Templates

  • Mostly based on the home-page
  • Tabular format based on available data
  • Using CSS and W3C Accessible specifications

BPE Deals

Workflow Implementation

  • Create content approval workflows in Visio
  • Export into XML format
  • Import into Vignette platform

BPE Workflow

All Together Now

  • Implementation on Vignette 7 CMS Platform
  • Proprietary Java framework
  • JSP, XSLT template component model

BPE Vignette CMS